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Get Moving Towards Your Goals

Engaging in counseling doesn’t necessarily mean a traditional appointment in a therapist’s office! 

I believe in offering my clients options that are convenient for them. So, in addition to office appointments, telephone or video conference appointments, and home visits, I also now offer Walk & Talk appointments – meaning a therapy session that takes place outside while walking. 


Walk & Talk therapy is an innovative form of behavioral health integrating counseling, movement, and nature with the intent to strengthen mental fitness via the mind-body connection. Walk & Talk therapy happens at your pace and is customized to meet your individual needs. You can download this article about the potential benefits of Walk & Talk therapy.

My office has a beautiful lake with a pathway where we can do Walk & Talk sessions when possible.

We can discuss the various options and, should you request your therapy take place in an alternative location, I will ask you to sign the appropriate consent form(s).

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