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Comments from Colleagues 

“Bridget uses her outstanding abilities as a clinician along with a dedication to her clients, to provide superior services.”

-D.R., Counseling Supervisor

“She honestly cares about helping people achieve their full potential in life.”

-D.C., School Counselor

“Bridget has a calming aura about her (which is essential in counseling), is a good listener, and an effective communicator. She is confident and understands what children need. She will touch the hearts of those she works with.”

E.C., School Administrator

“She always finds common ground and has a natural talent for ferreting out the crux of the problem when counseling.”

-D.M., Professor

“Bridget shows a willingness to do what is in the best interest of her clients. She has a nice manner and enthusiastic approach. [Her work] helps break down the stigma in those seeking out mental health care.”

-M.L., Psychiatrist

“Quite simply, Bridget is a wonderful counselor. She has a genuine warmth and compassion that clients of all ages and backgrounds are able to respond to. She is optimistic and creative, often finding nuances in dynamic that seasoned clinicians might overlook. Her professionalism is beyond compare and her enthusiasm for the work itself is refreshing and inspiring.”

-J.S., Clinical Social Worker

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