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My counseling philosophy can best be described as relationship-based and humanistic-existential. Rather than adhering to any fixed approach, I feel each therapy should be as unique as the individual, and that engaging a warm, genuine relationship is the essential factor in helping clients work towards their desired outcomes.

We all strive to find meaning in our existence and, as we learn and grow from our experiences, both positive and negative, we can continue on a path of personal transformation. I believe in the importance of the whole person and in collaborating to maximize the strengths, resources, and resilience that clients already possess.

Existential therapy is a humanistic approach that encourages individuals to explore meaning, become aware of our own possibilities and limitations, navigate the complexities and uncertainties of life, and learn to live authentically. Existential therapy is concerned with the universal human themes of freedom, responsibility, isolation, and mortality.

I tailor my approach to assist clients in the positive work of gaining insight, making change, and creating the futures they desire for themselves. In doing so, I may utilize elements of person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, narrative, mindfulness-based and/or other therapies as appropriate. Through the use of personal interview and a variety of assessments I am qualified to assess, diagnose, and create an appropriate plan to meet and provide treatment that addresses the client's unique needs.

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